In this article, we shall be showing you how to create a lan network with two computers. For those who have an eye on networking, I guess this may be your starting point. Again, if you are running a mini computer center or cyber café, this will also give you an insight on how to share resources between nodes. This has been something which is the easiest thing to do though not everyone is aware of it.

Before you start with the guide I have introduced below, you will need a working LAN cable and two personal computers to establish the LAN connection.

how to create a lan network with two computers

  1. Connect both computer systems using a LAN cable.
  2. Open Control panel.
  3. Click on “Network and Internet”.
  4. Click on “Network and Sharing center”.
  5. There you can find your Ethernet connection under “view your active networks”.
  6. Click on Ethernet.
  7. Select properties.
  8. Again select properties.
  9. Select the IPV4 property.
  10. And then, Select its properties.
  11. Manually enter the IP.
  12. You can have any number at X positions. 168.XXX.X .
  13. Repeat the same procedure on the other computer system.
  14. Note, the IP address must be 168.XXX.(X+1). Example: computer one (I.P-, computer two (I.P-
  15. After entering the I.P on both computer systems, you have to press tab and it will automatically fill up the subnetfor you.
  16. Continue pressing Okayto every dialogue box that comes up.
  17. Done

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You have successfully established interconnection between two computers. You can access the shared documents of computer one on computer two by pressing the I.P of computer one in run (win+r) of computer two preceded by “\\”. Eg. \\ You will have to enter the password and username of computer one.

Lets I forget, turning off your entire antivirus and switching of all the firewalls on both computers, will guarantee uninterrupted connectivity.

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