How to find Hidden Camera

When you remain in an inn, how would you know there is no hidden camera of a pinhole size?

When you travel to a new place or take a vacation, you stay in a hotel, yet what you don’t know is that you could be secretly photographed or recorded.

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In this time of smart recording gadgets and pinhole estimated cameras, remember to use this tips to check your room for hidden cameras.

Step by step instructions to DETECT A HIDDEN CAMERA IN A ROOM.

  1. When you have gone into your room, kill the lights, and close the curtains,open your telephone camera, don’t turn the flash light on.
  2. Turn around the room with your phone. At the point when a red dot is found on your screen, that implies that a hidden web camera is installed.
  3. On the off chance that no red spots, at that point the room is alright.


If you don’t mind forward this message to your companions who travels alot. Furthermore, those that make a ton of business trips. Also, those that might be sleeping naked.

Try not to be a victim of a naked picture.

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