How to Recover WhatsApp Documents Deleted from Phone’s Storage

Recover WhatsApp Documents

In this article, we shall be sharing with you how to Recover WhatsApp Documents that you might have accidentally deleted from your phone. When you accidentally delete a picture from your smartphone memory without first making a backup for security purposes, sorry because the data has been lost except this picture was gotten from your WhatsApp application.

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WhatsApp has provided an option for users who have deleted media from their phones’ gallery without backup. The lost information we can recover with this process includes; pictures, videos, GIFs, audio etc. This is one of the advanced capabilities and protection mechanisms that Whatsapp application can provide users with media challenges.

Remember, the missing information we are talking about, must have been sent or received in a WhatsApp chat before it can be recovered within the application. Moreover, I also want to let you know that you cannot recover media you have deleted from the WhatsApp application.

How to Recover WhatsApp Document :Photos & Videos on iPhone

For owners of iPhone, whenever they receive media from friends on their WhatsApp, document is not loaded automatically. The received media document will be blurred with a download sign on it. For you to view the media document, you must tap the download sign. When these photos or videos downloaded, they will be automatically saved to the “WhatsApp” and “Camera Roll” folders in Photos if photos and also “Video” if videos.

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Assuming you have not deleted the media document from the Whatsapp application as we mentioned earlier, then go through the following steps to save it back in your phones’ memory.

  • Tap on the media document to expand it.
  • Tap the Share button in the bottom left.
  • Then select

After completing the above steps, you will find the image or video back in the Photos application on your iPhone.
Note: For photos or videos you sent in WhatsApp, not received, you still follow the same steps to recover it back.

How to recover whatsapp Documents from Android.

Locate the thread in WhatsApp containing the missing document. The media will be blurred out with the download icon and size. Tap it, and your media will be downloaded and restored back to your photo gallery.

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