How to track a stolen phone in Nigeria

In this article, we shall be showing you How to track a stolen phone in Nigeria using the Imei number. Searching through the online databases for solutions to this quest gave rise to this article. Many of the solutions provided leads to a dead end.

This article might not give you 100% of what you are looking for but its a means to an end. First we will like you to understand that the IMEI number of a phone cannot be changed. it is the MAC address of the phone. So even if the new bearer of the phone decides to remove the SIM card on the phone, the IMEI number still remains the same.

Update!: You can track your phone with ease at by filling a simple form.

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Can I use android device Manger to track my phone?

Yes, the android device manager can be used to track your stolen or lost phone but there are some limitations to that. The limitations to using Android Device Manager are:

  1. The phone can only be located if it has internet access; if the new bearer is smart enough, he can just turn the network data OFF
  2. The GPS on the phone Must be turned ON and cannot be controlled remotely controlled.
  3. The phone must have a Gmail account logged in: i.e you must have a gmail account and it must be used on the phone.
  4. This can only be possible as far as the email account is still on the phone and the phone still have an internet access.

How to track a stolen phone in Nigeria using the IMEI number

The important thing about using the phone Imei number to track the phone is that the IMEI of the phone remains constant even if the thief decides to remove the SIM card on the phone. Kindly follow the following steps to track your stolen phones or lost phones

  • First you must know the IMEI number of your phone. You are advised as a matter of security issue to know your Imei number. Don’t wait until it happens. Get your Imei number by dialing *#06#. The digits will be displayed for you. copy it and keep it safe.
  • When your phone is missing, go to  and create an account.
  • for more details, leave a comment


  1. please, must I go to the police to make a report before filling the form? also, my phone has been missing for the past 3months, is it still possible to track it. when tracked, how can I get it cos am in Port Harcourt

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