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In this article, we shall be discussing Npower Salary Structure for different categories and the payment methods.

Recall that the FG social speculation program has numerous classifications. In the graduate class, we have npower teach, health, Agro, Tech and Tax. Under the non-graduate classification, we have npower build, software and hardware.

This page was made to educate you on the Npower Salary Structure with respect to different npower classes. In spite of the fact that there is no Seniority/positioning in the npower volunteers program

Npower has just conveyed the 2017/2018 last chosen Batch to their different PPA. Since they have resumed work, it’s a great opportunity to get their wages.

To get paid, you are cautioned to take your PPA Serious, sign your attendance consistently, utilize your given device and ensure your profile is up -to-date.

The following is the npower Salary Structure for all the npower programs.

NPower Salary Structure 2018.

N-Power Teachers Corps (Teach) Program

Volunteers under educate will get a month to month stipend of 30000 consistently. They will get paid till the finish of the program. The program is intended to keep going for a long time. With that in mind, npower train compensation will be 30000*24 which will give you 720,000.

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Toward the finish of the npower show program (2016 cluster), every one of the volunteers would have gotten an aggregate of seven hundred and twenty thousand naira.

N-Power Health Program

The individuals who connected for Health will be conveyed to doctor’s facilities, network center, and Health focuses. They will likewise be set on a month to month pay of 30,000.

Length: two years (2 years)

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NPower Agro Program

Those under npower Agro will be put on a month to month pay of 30,000 month to month.

Length: 2 years

Npower Tax/Vaid Volunteers

Much the same as different projects.

N-Power Build Program

Pay Structure: 30,000 month to month

N-Power Creative Program

Pay Structure: 30,000 month to month

N-Power Tech (Software) Program

Pay Structure: 30,000 month to month

N-Power Tech (Hardware) Program

Pay Structure: 30,000 month to month

Conclusion: The pay structure of the whole npower program is the same.

All the npower volunteers will be paid 30,000 month to month. The main contrast is that those in the graduate class will be paid for a long time while those under non-graduate classification will be paid for under 2 years.

Since you have known different npower compensation scales, it’s an ideal opportunity to check the payment Procedure

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