Trish Net family comprising of experts of various degrees in telecommunication, Internet service and other computer related fields is a  knowledge base solution sharing center. We review and and recommend for improvement making all efforts to meet with the day to day developments in the information technology industry as it evolves. 

what we do:

  • Provision of Internet services
  • servicing and repairs of computers and computer accessories
  • Servicing and repairs of phones and smart devices
  • Review of latest phones and other computer related devices as they are being released to the market.
  • Sharing of vital information that will enable you to stay safe surfing the internet taking cognizance of your security and health wise.
  • Introducing you to the vital applications that will help you meet your desired needs relevant to your organisation and personal matters.

Mission Statement

To be the best IT driven company that you can rely on providing you with the overall solution to all your Technological needs.

Website Design

We offer unique and dynamic web design services to all and sundry within and outside Nigeria, promoting your goods and services reaching your targeted audience. Trish net offers and unbeatable offers as your satisfaction is our priority in our website development and application development based on organisational needs and generic app.

You can contact us for our unbeatable offers.
Phone: +2347034538881,

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