Airtel Data Plan / Activation codes

In the on-going drive in telecom industry, Airtel Data Plans has been reviewed and it’s on this note that i bring to you the latest Airtel Data Plan/Subscription codes. Some of the codes still remains the same but the data-cap have changed from what it use to be.

I have in my previous article described how to subscribe for data in one network or the other, especially on GLO. Im writing about airtel today not because airtel is beter but its still one of the networks that offer cheap data service.

There are different types of airtel data bundle, ranging from daily, weekly, monthly to social, unlimited, mega and night plans. Rest assured that this article will explain all of them in detail. One more thing, this plans works on both 3G and 4G networks and also on all devices which include smartphones be it android or iPhone, internet dongles be it modem, Wi-Fi or Mi-Fi, tablets Pc etc.

Airtel Data Plan / Activation codes

Bundle Prices

Code to Buy


1000 Naira for 1.5GB *496# 30 Days
1500 Naira for 2.5GB+1GB Bonus *440*16# 30 Days
2000 Naira for 3.5GB *437# 30 Days
2500 Naira for 4.5GB+1GB Bonus *437*1# 30 Days
3000 Naira for 5.5GB+1GB Bonus *438# 30 Days
4000 Naira for 7.5GB+2GB Bonus *438*1# 30 Days
5000 Naira for 10GB+2GB Bonus *452# 30 Days
10,000 Naira for 25GB *462*10# 30 Days
15,000 Naira for 40GB *462*15# 30 Days
20,000 Naira for 60GB *462*20# 30 Days
300 Naira for 350MB *417# 7 Days
500 Naira for 750MB *418# 7 Days.
200 Naira for 200 MB *412# 3 Days
100 Naira for 75MB *410# 24 Hours
50 Naira for 50MB *141*11*9# 24 Hours
Operamini 300 Naira for 250MB *885*1# 25 Days
Weekly Social Plan for 100 Naira *948# 5 Days

How to choose best network for Data

Choosing the best network for browsing, there are alot of thing you need to put into consideration. Some of the things to put into consideration are:

  1. Speed
  2. Data Size
  3. Price

For me, it is Speed <>Data size <> Price. Judging by this, you can’t separate me from Airtel. Though network speed varies from location to location and as a result you need to find out within your area which network that work better for you. There is no need subscribing for a cheap network that you cannot use to open a webpage on your browser. Loading a video or stream video will be a nightmare. Over the years, Glo has been my favorite. They offer the cheapest network data cap and still the cheapest as at now and their speed was second to non but since i was relocated, the zeal and passion for them died.

In a knot shell, do a comparative analysis of what you need with what the network coverage in your area have to offer before you finally decide on which network to stick with.

I hope this is informative. for more information, kindly leave a comment.

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