Best Android Phone with a good Headphone Jack

Android Phone with a good Headphone Jack: Best for sound quality


This latest G7 phone has a headphone jack, a powerful amplifier, and a Quad DAC, to push some of the best audio we have ever heard in phones. In fact, on audio quality alone the G7 has no match except other LG V-series phones.

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With a 6.1-inch display, a super-fast Snapdragon 845 processor, 4GB of RAM, and a dual camera setup that will impress anybody, the LG G7 is, overall and an outstanding phone.

More: LG does all of the basics amazingly well, and accents it with a nice body and super-capable pair of cameras. The G7 can even power high-impedance headphones from the headphone jack.

Android Phone with a good Headphone Jack: Best for business

BlackBerry KEY2

Business folks do not need to worry about Bluetooth, rather they just want to plug and play. The KEY2 continues BlackBerry Mobile’s tradition of offering incredible sounding phone calls through a precisely tuned headpiece and, of course, a headphone jack. There are even a pretty great pair of ear buds in the box with a microphone and in-line remote, if you do not have your own pair.

More: Along with the keyboard, the KEY2 keeps it fittingly retro with a great sounding headphone jack. You can use the phone’s keyboard shortcuts to quickly put on your favorite music application.

Android Phone with a good Headphone Jack: Overall best

Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+

This Galaxy S9 and S9+ phones are not much different from their predecessors, but seeing as those were Samsung’s best ever selling phones that is not a bad thing. These phones are all about giving you the most features in the most beautiful package. You get top end specifications across the board, plus all of the hardware features you expect thus; waterproofing, wireless charging, an SD card slot, a headphone jack and etc.

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The camera is all new this year, with a sensor that does seriuos processing to remove noise and sharpen fine detail. It is aided by a dual aperture lens to get the best combination of light and detail in different shots. Furthermore, in the case of the Galaxy S9+ is paired with a secondary telephoto lens for zoom and portrait mode shooting.

You do not get the clean and simple software experience of the Pixel 2, which may take some extra customization and tweaking on your part, but the Galaxy S9 is far less polarizing overall, just about anyone looking for a high end phone will love using the Galaxy S9 or S9+.

More: The Galaxy S9 and S9+ do not require much thought, because they can do everything, and look good doing it, with few real downsides.

Android Phone with a good Headphone Jack: Best for price

Moto X4

The Moto X4 is all about providing a high end feel without the coinciding price. It has a beautiful metal and glass build, dual rear cameras, solid battery life and really good specifications for the money. The software experience is typical clean Motorola, and runs battery smooth because of some wonderful optimizations.

Unlike many of Motorola’s more expensive phones, the Moto X4 has also retained a headphone jack. And even with that, it is still IP68 water and dust resistant.

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More: The Moto X4 is a fantastic deal at under $300, providing a flagship like experience in many respects for far less than half the price.

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