Convert Bet booking codes from one to another

In this article, we shall be guiding you on how to Convert Bet booking codes from one to another. You might run into this problem if someone sends a booking code of one betting company and you don’t have an account with the company. You might want to convert theRead More →

How to Send messages & attachments confidentially Using Gmail

The Google email signature is a text, like your contact information or a favorite quote that is automatically added at the end of a Google mail messages as footer. This is information that actually makes your messages unique from other ones. It is sort of makingRead More →

Transfer Airtime from one network to another

Here is the rundown of Airtel Data Plans, membership codes and costs routinely refreshed and current. You’ll require this rundown to have the capacity to utilize Airtel Data Bundle as opposed to perusing the web utilizing your credit which does not pay since you’ll wind up consuming off yourRead More →

A Review of Google Pixel 2 smartphone

The Google Pixel 2 is one of the premier Android device which have proven that two rear cameras are not always better than one on a phone, especially if you favor photo quality over the latest all screen designs. A Review of Google Pixel 2 smartphone See Best iTel Smartphones inRead More →

How to download movies from

How to download movies from Click Here to print the letter of Deployment O2TV is a Rusian owned TV Channel that offers seasonal movies both Hollywood and many others. Downloading movies from the internet is an important things but knowing how is a different thing all together. Many movieRead More →

The Npower scheme launched by the Buhari Administration having given out free iPad to the participants in Batch A and Batch B awaiting collection in fulfillment of his promise to empower 300, 000 Nigerian graduates, its important to note these Npower iPad Configurations/specifications for Afrione ipads and othersRead More →