In this article, we shall be showing you How to track a stolen phone in Nigeria using the Imei number. Searching through the online databases for solutions to this quest gave rise to this article. Many of the solutions provided leads to a dead end.Read More →

Twilio Whatsapp

Twilio is an American cloud communications platform that is based San Francisco, California. It is a software developing company. The Twilio allows software developers to develop an app that will programmatically make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, and perform other communication functions using its web serviceRead More →

Npower Dashboard

Click Here to Login to your Npower Dashboard We have previously shared with you how to Update your Npower profile but do to some recent changes in their website, we have to compile this update to guide you in updating your profile in your Npower Dashboard.Read More →

Because of the endeavors of XDA engineers, you would now be able to brush Nintendo Switch with an outsider Android framework. This implies any flimsy Nintendo Switch would now be able to boot the LineageOS 15.1 framework straightforwardly from the SD card. When all is said in done, any SwitchRead More →

How To Configure Use Google Assistant

As an Android or tab user, you already know Google Assistant comes installed on it, prepared to be at your service whenever you want. If your phone runs iOS, Google Assistant can be downloaded. But if you are confused about what this is all about and how you can makeRead More →

Record Calls On Samsung Galaxy S10

As Samsung’s latest mobile device for this year, the Samsung Galaxy S10 phones provide every feature you need from a device of our generation. But most times, it is the small features phone buyers look out for. One of these mini features in high demand is the one that letsRead More →