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How to Check Your NECO Result: For those of us who want to enter any university in Nigeria, you must participate in the SSCE examinations of which NECO is one. This is the only way to prove your level of knowledge. NECO results will determine if you have enough knowledge to study in a higher educational institution.

However, seating for the examination is one phase of the process, after which you will need to check if actually you were able to prove your knowledge on the subjects that you were tested on, thus; the result checking process follows.

Checking of result on the NECO website is not a big deal especially if you carefully the step by step guide which we are about to introduce you to.

How to Check Your NECO Results

  1. Go to
  2. Select your examination Type
  3. Select your year of examination
  4. Enter your Card PIN number
  5. Enter your Examination Number
  6. Click on the Check My Result Button

How to Check Your NECO Results | neco online

On the sake of clarity, we have provided the form above. This is exactly the same form that will welcome you immediately you enter the NECO address above and hit on search.

However, after completing the above steps, you may need to wait for just some few seconds for the internet to process your information and provide you with the details of your NECO result.

Our recommendation is that you send this result to your email account for future use.

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