How to Control Home Appliances with Your Mobile Phone

This article is about showing you how to Control Home Appliances with Your Mobile Phone. Pundits expect that the number of connected devices will increase over the years. Notice that when more things are being connected, the issue of privacy and security will be on the rise.

Currently, users of the internet have started accessing the web wirelessly with their mobile devices. This handhelds provide multiple wireless interconnection methods, each with its own strength and weaknesses.

Here, we present to you the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology which has eliminated most of the risks associated with wireless mobile connections. NFC was purposefully designed to contain a limited field of operation and this helps to prevent man-in-the-middle attack.

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In other to read the memory of NFC, there must exist an NFC-enabled device and an NFC-enabled object. The limited field of operation in NFC and other features ensures that information interchange only happens between the two intended parties.

This makes NFC more secured than other protocols like WiFi which uses radios to broadcast information without minding who receives it.

Washing Machine Control

Control Home Appliances with Your Mobile Phone

Washing machines are products where appreciation of nature and beauty are important, size is standardized, and gross margins are moderate. Users want the best function out of everything they use, they like customized features, but desire easy to use operations.

The NFC tag is the cheapest way by which a designer can create one product case to house multiple product variants. To communicate with the electric washer, you simply open an application on your NFC-enabled mobile device, then, tap your mobile device to the washers’ control panel.

All the settings you need to operate the machine become available in one convenient location on your screen.

Thermostat Control

Control Home Appliances with Your Mobile Phone

Most facility managers want room temperatures within a common, narrow range. Yet most times, certain rooms are either too hot or too cold to provide the expected comfort. Other times, controls can be confusing to use, difficult to manipulate, or housed with mechanical lock boxes.

With an embedded NFC chip, the control interface becomes accessible with an easy-to-read temperature display. Users tap their mobile devices to the surface and use the NFC-enabled graphical interface for temperature adjustments.

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