How to Change Npower Posting Letter |

Change Npower Posting Letter

In this article, we shall be showing you how to Change Npower Posting Letter to the place closer to you. Its is not the plan of the administrator to send you to a place far from your residence.

Para-venture your place of deployment is far from you, you can request for re-posting.

Conditions for Deployment.

  • Your deployment/posting is based on your local govt. of residence which you filled at the point of registration.
  • No candidate will be posted outside his/her local govt. of residence.
  • Candidates are to serve in their state of residence and not state of Origin. Except if you are residing in your state.

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If your deployment is outside the above options, you can request for redeployment.

How to Change Npower Posting Letter

  • Collect Your letter of Deployment
  • Go to the place you are posted,
  • Ask the head of the organisation to reject you or issue you letter of rejection
  • Return to your desk officer and request for re-posting.
  • Return to your new place of primary assignment
  • Get your Signed and stamped letter of Resumption
  • Upload it to your profile dashboard.

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