How to Enable App lock on Android Phone

In this article, I shall be sharing with you How to Enable App lock that is inbuilt on your Android Phone. This might sound common to you but believe you me, It is not to some people.

App lock is an old Android Application that is used to secure your phone applications. It is a security feature that sits above your other apps. It prevents access to your apps without a password. For instance, if you have an applock on Facebook, people can’t get into your Facebook app without the password.

It works a lot like a lock screen on your phone You use it to lock applications that you don’t want others to have access to when they pick up your phone. Applications like Your private Chats, Messages, Whatsap etc. As old as App lock is, we all believe it can be downloaded from Google Play Store But in case the app lock is inbuilt on the phone as in most phones now, it wont be that easy to go by.

If you download the app lock from the play store, you can Enable Applock on Android Phone by navigating from Setting>Applications>App lock. But if the App lock is inbuilt, here are the steps to enabling it.

How to Enable App lock/lock your applications

For Androids that have inbuilt App locks, follow these steps:

  • Open Phone Master
    How to Enable App lock on Android Phone
  • Accept the privacy Agreement
  • Click on App Lock
  • You will see all the applications that are installed in your phone,
    How to Enable App lock on Android Phone
  • Click on the key symbol close to any of the applications to lock or unlock it.

How to change App Lock Security Pattern or code

  • While the App Lock is still open,
  • Click on the three dots on top of the screen
  • Open Settings
  • Click on Change Password and set the pattern of your choice.

I hope this is informative, for more information, please leave a comment.

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