How to Install HP Printers & Use Windows Built-in Print Driver

This document is for users of HP printers that do not have a full feature HP driver for Windows 10, 8, 7, and Vista and wish to Install HP Printers in their computer.

In case a full feature driver from HP is not available for your printer, you must install the built-in print driver version. The full feature driver for one or more Windows versions is available for your printer, either from the CD that comes with your printer or from the HP website.

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The HP print driver is built into the Windows operating system or is installed through the Windows Update feature on your personal computer. So that you do not need to download anything from a website to print, scan, etc. 

Step 1: Set Windows Update to Automatically Download Driver Software | Install HP Printers

You can always open the Windows Device Installation Settings and confirm that your computer is set to automatically download driver software.

  1. Search Windows for change device installation
  2. Click the Change device installation settingsin the control panel.
  3. Select the Yes
  4. Click Save Changes.

Install HP Printers

 Step 2: Connect Your Printer to the Computer | Install HP Printers

Connect your printer to the computer with any of the options below, so Windows can detect your printer during the print driver installation.

  • USB connection to your computer.
  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) connection to your network.
  • Wired connection to your network.

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Step 3: Install the Print Driver with the Add a Printer Wizard

Select your printer connection type and use the Windows Add a Printer wizard to install the built-in print driver. Example, choose one from the list of options below;

  • Wireless or wired network connection (Windows 10, 8)
  • Wireless or wired network connection (Windows 7, Vista)
  • USB connection (Windows 10, 8)

USB connection (Windows 7, Vista)

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