How to move Phone App to Memory Card

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Before stepping in into the real matter, Its important for you to note that Phone storage is an important factor when deciding which phone to buy. Indeed you need memory space for all those songs, photos, and apps. Honestly, too little storage is something that can completely turn you off from even considering a particular phone model.

I’m sure you are reading this because you are running short of phone memory and you want to move Phone App to Memory Card in order to have enough space on your phone memory. But before showing you how, lets look at what that causes phone storage to be full.

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What Causes phone storage to be full.

The Following Factors causes your phone memory to be full:

  • Installing Applications on Phone memory instead of Memory Card
  • Installed Application Files.
  • Temporary Files
  • Pictures, Musics, Videos and other personal files

Please note that its is more preferable to store files in the memory cards than in phone memory and to regularly clear Temporary files off your phone.

Why Should I move Phone App to Memory Card

Among other reasons, you need to move your Applications to memory card for these reasons.

  • To make your phone run smoothly without hanging. you need at least 1gb free memory space on you phone memory.
  • Transfer-ability of the installed application in case you got a new phone.
  • For easy transfer-ability if your personal files.

How to move Phone App to Memory Card

The following steps guides you on moving your applications from Phone memory to Memory Card.

  • Go to your phone setting
  • Click on Apps or Applications depending on your phone.
  • Navigate to Downloaded Apps. this is because you can only move apps you installed yourself and not the follow come apps.
  • Open the application that you want to move to memory card
  • Scroll to the middle of the page and you will see move to Memory card.

There are exceptions to these steps especially the 201st Century Mobile phones, If the steps above doesn’t work for you, feel free to drop the name and Model of your phone on the comment bellow and I shall reply you with the steps to move Phone App to Memory Card.

More so if you know another step to move Phone App to Memory Card, Please feel free to share same with us here on the comment section.

I hope this have been informative, Thanks for reading.

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