N-Tech Letter of Internship

How to upload N-Tech Letter of Internship

In this article, we shall be discussing how to upload N-Tech Letter of Internship for the N-tech Beneficiaries. You should recall that sometime last year 2019, N-Tech Successful candidates where trained on Hardware and Software Repair and Maintenance. They were tainned on how to repair phones, iPads, Laptops, Android application program development, Web development and so on.

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It was a hands on 3months intensive programme organised by the president – Muhammed Buhari. The beneficiaries were camped, feed and every equipment needed for the exercise delivered. The N-Tech programme run concurrently in all the 36 states of the federation plus FCT, grouped by zone. The south-east zone was in Owerri, Imo state. The Environment for their N-Tech training was awesome.

At the of the hands on N-Tech 3 Months training, the participants are advised to look for a place that they will do their internship. The N-Tech beneficiaries are being paid 10,000 monthly and the bad news now is without proof of internship, the beneficiaries will stop receiving their stipend.

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How to Upload N-Tech Letter of Internship

For all the beneficiarieshttps://nigeriangateway.blogspot.com/ that have gotten their N-Tech Letter of Internship, and are yet to upload it, they are to scan the letter and send it to envymasterobinna@yahoo.com (South-east only).

For those that have not gotten their N-Tech Letter of Internship, they are to do that as soon as possible or risk being disqualified for the program. And their monthly stipend will be suspended.

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