How to Use RSS Feeds in WordPress

Rich Site Summary (RSS) is a tested and trusted technology that works for both publishers and subscribers. While it allows publishers to automatically syndicate the content of their site, it helps a subscriber to keep track of fresh content without having to visit each website manually. In this article, we shall be showing you how to activate RSS Feeds in WordPress and reach your target audience.

WordPress has in-built support for RSS feeds, and each page you publish can direct a reader to your RSS feed. As a subscriber, when it comes to signing up for RSS feeds, you need help from a program called feed readers or aggregators.

Having said what RSS is all about, let us look at a few imaginative ways in which you can use RSS feeds in WordPress.

How to Use RSS Feeds in WordPress

News aggregator sites

If you are looking for news aggregator sites, you can check up “The Drudge Report”. You can draw content from a variety of sources, categorize them and display in a reader friendly format. You can use plugins to automatically create WordPress posts for this stream of content and also add to it, before Publishing.

Example; Subscribe to YouTube Channels, and then export the subscriptions through RSS feeds to your WordPress website. See the screen below;
RSS Feeds in WordPress

Online stores

Sites such as Craigslist, support RSS subscriptions for specific product and service categories. You can simply type in the name of the product in the Search bar, and scroll to the bottom of the page. You will find an RSS button that allows you to subscribe to the list of classifieds for that product.

Without too much effort on your part, a continuous supply of products and services will be available for you to offer to your consumers.
RSS Feeds in WordPress

Track stock prices or foreign exchange rates

By setting up a customized RSS feed, you can track select stocks or currencies, or track global stock indicies. Example, Nasdaq supports stock quote feeds of Top 5 Up / Down on Unusual Volume. It also allows you to build your own custom stock quote feed. They can also help display the live stock price of your company’s shares on a widget on your home screen.

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