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Npower 2018

There are many questions that will be bodering your mind concerning the Npower Recruitment Exercise. We are here to answer some of the questions.

How can i Print my Deployment Letter

To print your Npower Deployment letter, Click link bellow. Click Here 

How can I upload my Stamped and Signed Letter of Resumption.

You can upload your letter of Stamped and Signed letter of deployment from your dashboard if you are a beneficiary. Find the step by step guide here. Click Here

I lost My Npower Phone Number, What should i do

If your phone is lost, you don’t need to worry. Simply login to your Dashboard with the phone number or with your email and click on your profile and update your profile with the current phone number you are using. Find out how to do that Here

Better still do phone welcome back to retrieve the same phone number. Learn How to do Sim Welcome Back Here

Can I login to Npower with my Email

Yes, you can login to your Profile / Dashboard with the email address you registered with. Learn how to login to your profile here

What should I upload to my Npower Profile

You are to upload your credentials to your Npower dashboard. The Items are

  1. Passport
  2. National ID Card
  3. Drivers license
  4. etc
  5. View more details on what to upload here

I have not been paid for Npower, What should I do.

If you are a beneficiary and have not been paid, you need to send an official email to the help desk but make sure you are physically verified. Get official email here.

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For more questions, use the comment and we will surely respond to your comment.

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