How to re-upload Npower Letter of Resumption

Following the recent Deployment of the 2017 Npower Beneficiaries into their  different places of Primary Assignment and in a bid to meet up with the scheduled deadline for the beneficiaries to upload their Signed and Stamped letter of Resumption, so many have made a mistake uploading wrong file. In that note, we are here to show you How to re-upload Npower Letter of Resumption with the correct one.

Please note that the deadline for uploading letter of resumption still remains Friday, August 10, 2018.

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Some of the common mistakes Npower Candidates make are:

  • Uploading Wrong Npower Letter of Resumption:
  • Uploading wrong Passport. Correct It here following this link
  • Uploading Wrong ID card. Npower Acceptable IDs still remains: Voters Card, National Identity Card, Drivers License and International Passport.

It is one thing to be shortlisted for Npower program but its another thing to be paid. To qualify for the payment phase, your account must meet these requirement:

  • You must have a Bank Account
  • Your Bank account name must correspond with your Npower name
  • Your Bank account must be linked to your BVN.

How to re-upload your Npower Signed and Stamped letter of Resumption

To re-upload your letter of Resumption:

  • Login to your Npower Dashoard
  • Click on your passport at the right top corner of your dashboard to load your profile page.
    upload Npower Letter
  • Scroll down to middle of the page where you have the wrong resumption letter uploaded
  • Click on “Change Deployment Letter Upload Deployment Letter” and be sure to select the correct file from your computer
  • Click ok and allow it to upload.
  • This will replace the wrong one.

Implication of Uploading Npower wrong document:

It is pertinent that you upload Npower Letter & other documents to your Npower profile and dashboard with the correct document matching your information. This to avoid being disqualified for the program.

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