Basic Requirements for NYSC Orientation Camp |

NYSC Orientation Camp registration Requirement

In this article, we shall be revealing to you the Basic Requirements for NYSC Orientation Camp. Upon Completion of the registration exercise that requires Printing of Call-up letter among others, the Basic Requirements for the training are as follows:

NYSC Orientation Camp Registration Requirements – In Camp.

With the under listed items, you can go through the in-camp registration process till the point of collecting your matrass and kits.

  1. Student School I.D Card which must be in Original and photocopy
  2. Statement of Result from your school or your Certificate if you already have at the time of mobilization. (Original and six photocopies) If you are an Optometrist, a Medical Doctor or a Pharmacist you will have to bring with you original of your registration certificate with Optometrist Registration Council, the Nigerian Medical Council or Pharmacist Board respectively ,  and evidence of completion of Internship or Housemanship.
  3. NYSC Call-up letter (Original and 6 photocopies)
  4. Passport Photograph – WHITE BACKGROUND -Recent (24 copies)
  5. Medical fitness certificate from a government or military hospital – Compulsory

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At the end of the registration, you will be issued with the following:

  1. Round neck loosely fitted white T-shirts – Two (2) pieces
  2. White shorts – Two(2) pieces
  3. NYSC crested vest – One (1)
  4. NYSC khaki (Jacket, Belt and trousers) – one (1) pair
  5. Crested NYSC cap – One (1)
  6. Jungle boots – one pair
  7. NYSC white tennis shoes – one(1) pair.

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NYSC Orientation Camp Survival Kits/Requirements

In addition to the items that you will be issues, you need the under listed items for your survival in the camp for the 3 weeks intensive training.

  1. ROUND-NECKED WHITE T-SHIRTS : This is what you will be wearing everyday in the camp for the next three weeks except half day on Sunday because of Church Service. The two given to you will not be enough so you need extra.
  2. WHITE SHORTS: You will be given 2 pairs of shorts but believe me you need extra Five(5) so as not to be stranded because you may not be able to wash daily. You can just be wearing one everyday. lol.
  3. PLAIN WHITE TENNIS SHOES and Many WHITE SOCKS: It’s advisable you get one pair of rubber tennis shoe to save yourself from stress of washing when stained and one additional leather tennis shoes with at least five(5) white socks.
  4. PROVISIONS: You need to suplement the camp food.(useful on parade ground and on long lecture hours)
  5. TOILETRIES: antiseptics, insecticides, towel, sanitary pads, necessary to keep you away from infections and skin reactions.
  6. MOSQUITO NET: make sure you go with a rope to tie it to your bunk to avoid malaria.
  7. CASH: you need to carry at least 20,000 in case of emergency, you can as well go with your ATM card. Some camps have AT Machine
  8. WAIST POUCH: you need to safe keep your important items. Things like phones, money, ID card, keys, ATM cards e.t.c in your waist.
  9. TORCHLIGHT OR RECHARGEABLE LAMPS: Necessary during morning drills preparation at 5am and at night after lights out – 10pm
  10. PADLOCKS: Not all that are in the camp with you are saint. Lock your boxes and bags to avoid regrets.
  11. bed sheets,
  12. Pillow Cases,
  13. Pillow,
  14. Power bank,
  15. pain relief drugs,
  16. antibiotics etc.

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