How to change Startimes Bouquet

How To Change Startimes Bouquet | STARTIMES

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About Changing Startimes Bouquet | In this article, we shall be showing you how to change Startimes Bouquet from one package to another. Its might interest you to note that you can change from one package to another at anytime, many times any-day. for instance, you can change from;

  • Startimes Nova To Startimes Basic, Classic or Unique
  • Startimes Basic To Startimes Nova, Classic or Unique
  • Startimes Classic To Startimes Nova, Basic or Unique
  • Startimes Unique To Startimes Nova, Basic or Classic

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How To Change Startimes Bouquet |

The easiest way to change Startimes Bouquet is by installing the Startimes App, downloadable on your Play Store. Here are the steps to follow:
Firstly: Make sure your phone is connected to internet or connected to wifi

  1. Download Startimes App and install it on your Mobile, Here.
  2. Open the Startimes app and Register with your smart card and phone number
  3. Login with the registered phone number and password. This is one time only, subsequently, you don’t need to login again, just open the application.
  4. Click on “Me
  5. Under decoder Subscription, scroll to the left and click on Bouquet
    Startimes Bouquet
  6. Click on the Bouquet of your choice that you want to migrate to and click Next.
  7. Your subscription will be Migrated to the Bouquet of your choice with 10mins.

Startimes Bouquet

Benefits of Changing from one Startimes Bouquet to another.

Instances where you subscribe for basic plan and would wish to watch a programe on Startimes Classic, you can switch to Startimes Classic plan that is showing the program you want. other benefits are:

  1. You can easily save cost by switching to Nova Plan when you are travelling for the weekend or more days. remember: N1200 for one month Startimes Basic plan  is equivalent to two months  Startimes Nova Plan.
  2. You can watch programs in higher plans and still  revert back to your desired plan after the program.
  3. You don’t need to visit Startimes office to make the change, you can do this at the comfort of your home.
  4. You have access to all the channels offered by Startimes

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  1. I want to change my startimes bouquet from basic to nova bouquet. My card number is 01819744043
    In the names of Kintu Hassan
    but I don’t want to call on your help line because it takes a lot of time advertising yet it not free. Can u please make some improvements on that.

    1. Author

      Changing of Bouquet is as easy as anything. Just download the Startimes App from your Playstore, register with your phone number, Enter the smartcard number and start using the App for one ting or the other which includes changing of Bouquet. For step by step guide, Follow the link here:

      1. I’m subscribe to nover before but now I subscribe to smart but is not showing smart station still nover station what can I do

  2. can one app be use for different decoders?
    may be after registering to change Mr A from basic plan to classic
    then it can also be used for Mr B to change his plans from Nova to Unique

    1. Author

      Yes, One App can be used with different decoders, Just logout and login with the new decoders username and password

  3. Why does my decor have limited channels and even some that i had are disappearing

    1. Author

      Allow your decoder to install updates, thereafter, rescan the channeles

  4. hello it’s just not possible to change the package on star times on have tried again and again but the option is not there on bouquet

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