How to Calibrate iPhone | touchscreen calibration

iPhones are prized for their unwavering quality. In any case, a portion of their highlights can turn out to be less precise or responsive after some time, making it hard to utilize certain applications thus the need to Calibrate iPhone as will be detailed in this article. This guide clarifiesRead More →

How to Replace/Change iPhone Battery

Changing an iPhone Battery can be a simple task if you know how to go about it. In this article, we shall be sharing with you How to Replace/Change iPhone Battery. There’s in excess of one reason you may require another iPhone battery. On the off chance that it isn’t enduringRead More →

the Price of iPad in 2018

The Price of iPad varies depending on the model that interest you. You should know by now that Trishnet don’t bore people with stories that are irrelevant with the fact in issue. In this article, we are discussing the Price of iPads but before then its important to note thatRead More →

Best Xiaomi Smartphones Available in 2018: Xiaomi is a huge consumer electronics company based out of China that has been pushing the envelope of what is possible from import technology. In the UK, they are mainly known for their range of smartphones with excellent build quality.  Over the lastRead More →

This article contains the list of some iTel Smartphones that can be purchased right here in Nigerian shops and their specifications. Best iTel Smartphones Trending in Nigeria Itel P51 Looking at the iTel Smartphones, the number one in the list is Itel P51 which is an affordable smartphone that promises outstandingRead More →

Just looking at them, rugged smartphones are immediately recognizable, as it is evident that the main concern is to protect the device from falls and shocks, even the most violent ones. Despite this “neglect” in aesthetics for many people have a certain charm, also due to the attention in the choice of shapes, colors,Read More →